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We offer a wide range of forms to help you manage your business. From lead generation and customer engagement, appointment scheduling through application processing - we have got it covered!

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Forms make it easy to...

Leverage forms for any industry

Your customers will be impressed with how much information you give them, and they'll love the personal touch. Our easy customization options let us produce a tailored experience for each individual business without any programming required!

Capture more leads

Lead forms are a great way to collect all the information you need from your leads, which can then easily be added onto an online presence. Lead Form offers multiple sync capabilities with CRM and auto-assigns specific sales reps as well sends out emails when triggered by certain events!

Collect customer information

With the form builder, creating your projects is easy. sync up customer information across several tools so it's all accessible on one platform!

Book appointments and classes

All the fields sync with CRM tools so users can easily update their information from anywhere at any time on our website or mobile app!

Accept payments, donations and more

With custom payment forms, you can sell products or services without the need for a shopping cart. You'll be able to accept donations and payments on invoices by gathering customer information with things like email marketing!

Gather valuable feedback

Generate customer feedback or online surveys for your company with Leverage's powerful form-building tools. Alert specific managers when a form is submitted, automatically add results and more!

Field applications

To make sure you're only hiring the best, post your job openings online with a specified application form. Track qualified candidates' contact information in CRM and reach out to them as needed!

Increase newsletter subscriptions

To grow your subscriber list, you can create newsletter subscription forms that are easily connected to automated email journey campaigns. These will allow for continuous growth of the business and provide peace-of mind knowing they’re always up on what's going in their industry!

Enjoy fully integrated forms

The best thing about this platform? It has an easy-to use form builder and you can manage contacts in CRM from the website!

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