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Intelligence gives you the reporting and tools you need to…

Make data-driven decisions

You can finally get ahead of the competition by using our integrated platform for business analytics, sales reporting and marketing performance management. You'll know what's working in your industry so that you're always one step ahead!

Track calls, leads and sales

You can access recordings that are associated with each lead or sale for more insight into how they were generated.

Make your marketing better

Marketing is all about figuring out which strategies are working for your brand and cutting back on those that just don't seem to be having an effect. With some reporting, you can easily see what's worth investing in so as not waste any time or money!

Improve website performance

Why struggle with complicated third-party websites when you can have our easy to use analytics program? Get an accurate understanding of how customers are interacting on your site, right from within the dashboard.

Compare period over period

This dashboard is a game changer for any company that wants to track their growth. It allows you not only see the results from one period, but also makes it easy compared with other platforms because all data can be looked at as well without having do math!

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